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Director - P.K Shrivastava | RPS(Railway)

Ex - Chairman | RRC/N.E Railway Gorakhpur

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We have aimed at hearing of youth for developing their skill and enhancing their Knowledge, to achieve our Nation’s goal of Producing Sufficient skillful and trained man power .

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Inspection note of Mr. P.K.Srivastava Director of Vrindavan private ITI at- Jungle Aurahi Chawani Tola , Dist- Gorakhpur (U.P.) 273013

Sr. no. Subject Action to be taken by
1 Paper regarding resolution passed by the trust for opening of new ITI at Jungle Aurahi chhawani Tola , Gorakhpur U.P. 273013 were produced and it was in order .........................
2 Signage Board containing name of the ITI address , email address ,contact numbers and the Trades allotted to the ITI on iron metal was found at two places One at the front entry of the ITI and other at the top of the ITI building. .........................
3 Biometric attendance device has been installed recently Principal was advised to contact each trainee and staff to get their individual entries in the system. The company which have installed the machine to be called by 09.05.2018 and all entries to be made proper. Principal
4 Website is working but the entries regarding staff qualifications and experience should be entered in the website Principal
5 Cleanliness of the building and the primises was generally good Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
6 Two fire buckets to be provided . Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
7 Raw materials to be made available for trainees Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
8 Attendance of the trainees were very poor and it was told by the some trainees available in classs that maximum trainees are busy in marriage of their relations . its not convening Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava Nodal officer to send mass massage through system to attend classes from tomorrow onwards Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
9 One almirah in the library was in broken condition it should immediately be repaired. Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
10 Generator pipe was not fitted properly . it should immediately be fitted in a vertical position Principal & Office Staff
11 Wi- max bill to be paid through A/c payee cheque by 09.05.2018 & wi-fi should function properly . Office Staff
12 Organizational details was not found . Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava Nodal officer to prepare organization details by 09.05.2018. Mr. Pawan Kumar Srivastava(Nodal Officer)
13 A committee to control crisis due to any incidence arisen in the ITI has been constituted on 01.05.2018 and is functioning properly . Principal & Office Staff
14 Some small tools were not traceable Principal to direct instructors (Practical ) of both the Trades to locate and made available and accountal should be proper book balance and ground balance should matche. Principal & Office Staff
15 OS provided salary receipts for some staff others to be told to take their salaries through Banks. Office Staff & all Staff
16 Monthly planning chart for each trade theory in advance was not found. It should be prepared by 09.05.2018.for the month of may -2018. Principal & All Trade Theory Instructer Office Staff
17 It was seen that monthly meeting with staff & management is regularly done and minutes have been recorded accordingly OS to monitor progress of instructions already given in the earlier meeting and feed to Director should be given. Principal & Office Staff
18 Principal has to make assessment of individual staff and keep it’s record properly it should be done by 09.05.2018. Principal
19 It was found that more than 10% reservation in admission to SC/ST/OBC candidates have been provided during session 2017-18

All concerned to comply with the above instructions within the target as laid down against each point mentioned above.



No. inspection /Director/2018/01

Date 09.05.2018